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Not only does Repair My Moonwalk offer on site repair services, we also carry repair accessories for small on the spot repairs. If you have an inflatable bounce house that needs a small patch
to repair it before a weekend rental, we've got a solution for you. Repair My Moonwalk carries Patch Kits and Repairs Kits that are perfect for small inflatable bounce house repairs. With our
Patch Kits, you'll receive vinyl patches in a variety of colors as well as ultra vinyl cement glue.

Repair My Moonwalk also carries a variety of Moonwalk Rental Accessories. We have inflatable moonwalk blowers ranging from 1/4 HP to 2 HP to fit your needs. Inflatable straps to hold your
moonwalk, water slide or advertising balloon inflatable . Our moonwalk straps come in three different types: standard, premium, and seatbelt. We also carry two different lengths in our inflatable
straps to fit your inflatable slide, bounce house, inflatable balloon.

Do you need a quick, small bounce house repair? We have Elastic Vinyl Repair Tape that can be used for quick, on the spot repairs on your inflatable bounce house. We also carry Patch Kits
and Repairs Kits with all the tools you need for a quick repair on your inflatable bounce house.

Over time the inflatable blowers you are using for your bounce house might wear down. We have a wide selection of inflatable blowers ranging form 1/4 HP to 2 HP. So whether you need a small
1/4 HP Blower for your inflatable interactive game or you need a 1.5 HP for your inflatable water slide, we have it available for you and at a great price! All of our inflatable blowers come with a
one year warranty.
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