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Moonwalk Repairs for Albany, GA

We are eager to repair your jumpers, bounce house, party bouncers,
spacewalks, water slides, or any other inflatable you have that
needs a little fixing up.  Our jumper repair team is properly trained to
restore your moon walk in as little time as possible, so that your
inflatable can be ready for that weekend party.  Our moonwalk
bounce house
repairs are professional and neat.  We also sell our
y castle repair kits, so that you can try your own hand at repairing
problems with your inflatables.

Our warehouse in Covington is not so far from you!  Better to make the
drive or ship here from Georgia than to ship to the west coast.  
Georgia, we'll repair for you! The drive from Albany, GA to our repair
facility in Covington, GA is approximately 3 hours.
Repair My Moonwalk can repair your inflatable bounce houses and inflatable water slides. Our bounce house repair facility is located outside of Atlanta in Covington, GA. We have specially
trained repair technicians that can repair anything from an inflatable moonwalk to a Big Kahuna. Don't miss out on inflatable rentals because your water slide or inflatable obstacle course
needs repaired. Repair My Moonwalk can repair your inflatables quickly and efficiently giving you a high quality repair that will hold up against the wear and tear of your future rentals.

Repair My Moonwalk is just a short drive from Albany, GA and most of our inflatable bounce house and water slide repairs can be completed in one day. If you have a water slide that needs
repaired quickly before an upcoming rental, we can help! Schedule a repair time with us and we'll get your water slide repaired and ready to go. We can repair seam tears, torn slide
blankets, worn out stress points, torn internals, inflation tubes, and much more.