Repair My Moonwalk has been in the inflatable industry for over 18 years. We have repaired
hundreds of commercial grade inflatable bounce houses as well as backyard water slides, Magic
Jump bounce houses, Tent and Table units, and
Big Kahuna slides. We can repair, or custom make,
slide blankets, ladder climbs or rock climbs. We even repair
party and canopy tents.

We are a full service repair facility ready to handle
any job from the smallest to the largest.

If you have a unit under warranty we work with most major companies to have your unit repaired.

Our repair technicians have been specially trained to care for your inflatable repair. We can do a
complete overhaul of a giant indoor play center inflatable or just tighten up a seam on a moon

At Repair My Moonwalk, we use high grade, state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines designed to
handle the larger thread and heavy material of your inflatable games. We double stitch all seams on
our repairs and double reinforce problem and stress areas.

If you are searching for who can "fix my inflatable bouncer" or "who can fix my window netting", we
are your one stop shop.  We sell moonbounce and waterslide accessories, do it yourself repair kits
and more.  

At our facility in Covington, GA, we have a 400 square foot repair table, a 5,000 square foot
warehouse, and fork lifts to handle the largest inflatable you might have. We are devoted to repairing
your bounce house efficiently, taking little time but providing high quality.

Having been in the moonwalk rental business in the past and around bouncers and slides for 18
we literally know your unit inside and out.
Repair My Moonwalk is located in Covington, GA and has been in the inflatable business for over 12 years. We have a 5,000 square foot repair facility with plenty of space for your
inflatable slide or bounce house repair. At our repair facility in Covington, we have a 400 square foot repair table and state of the art industrial sewing machines that are built to handle
any repair. We can repair big or small commercial grade water slides, bounce houses or any other inflatable you need repaired. Our customers have the option of dropping off their
bounce house repairs and wait to pick up the same day or they can drop off their repair and pick up on another business day. We also have customers who choose to ship their inflatable
repairs to us from out of state. If you'd rather not make a long drive to Covington, GA just ship your bounce house, water slide or other type of inflatable for repair.

Not sure what's wrong with your inflatable or would like to get an estimate on the cost of your repair before you schedule a repair with us? Send us pictures of the problem area(s) on
your inflatable bounce house and we'll email you an estimate on the cost of your repair. You can also bring your inflatable to our warehouse for us to inspect the problem areas and then
give you an estimate on what needs to be repaired to improve your inflatable. Repair My Moonwalk can reinforce stress points on your inflatable water slides and bounce houses, restitch
torn seams, repair blown internal baffles, repair or rebuild your slide blanket, replace worn velcro on your inflatables, repair or replace torn or damaged window netting and much more!
Repair My Moonwalk repair company employees portrait repair people for fixing inflatables
Our Location:
Repair My Moonwalk
11045 Bobby Williams Parkway
Suite B
Covington, GA   30014